Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bimbo Movie Bash Challenge: 35 Films directed by Women watch-along

35 films, all directed by women, over 35 weeks......

Why are you doing this Bimbos? 

Well firstly we very much enjoy movie challenges. Whenever I tell anyone about the movie challenges I have completed in the past I always get the same response... why bother Charlotte. Well mainly because watching films is my hobby fucko and to complete a set number of a type of films in a set amount of time is quite a thrilling achievement for me. Watch-alongs are also great. In the year of our lord two thousand and sixteen I think a lot of us ~millennials can say that a good chunk of our friends are online, and often scattered around the world. You can't really pop round yer pals house to watch mean girls for the millionth time when they live in Helsinki and you live in the arse end of nowhere south of Stroud. Saying that the bimbos lives 20 minutes drive from each other and we would still rather watch the same film on twitter at the same time so we can lay down in silence and not have to talk to anyone with actual words coming out our mouths. 

Secondly, this list was not as easy as it should have been to compile. Finding 35 great interesting films directed by women is be something you should be able to do without researching. This week saw Empire start a hashtag #fav7films (it's pretty self explanatory, tweet your 7 favourite films).  But did you know that aside from Alien, none of the top 15 films compiled from the hashtag have a female lead asides from Ripley? Furthermore none of those films were directed by women. Not one. Arguably the hashtag was probably made up of participants who most likely only go to the cinema to see the big Hollywood blockbusters, or have notions of what should be the greatest films ever made from some channel 5 countdown christmas list, or just haven't had much exposure to anything but those big films. That's not us being shady, lots of people, particularly women, find the concept of 'cinema' daunting and inaccessible, which another thing we really want to combat.  So with all that in mind we want to get some films made by women out there in the forefront of everyones minds. 

How do I join in?

We decided that for our first challenge we would take it slow, and do a film a week.... for 35 weeks or thereabouts. This will give everyone a chance to see the list, and obtain the films they want to see in advance. We have also handily linked them to the streaming sites they are available on (don't forget to try out those free trial periods!) Sadly not all of them are on the big places like Netflix and Amazon, but you can pick them up on DVD for a couple of £1's or even rent them off Amazon for a few days, and it's a good way to build up your film collection. 

We will be kicking off this Sunday (21st August) with Palo Alto, which is on Netflix UK. Then going forwards every Tuesday at 8.00pm (UK time). We will watch these films and live tweet them, therefore we would really love it if you joined in. There are no wrong opinions, or right ways to come at critical thinking so just tell us and your timeline what you think.  The hashtag will be #bimbowatch 

Palo Alto (On Netflix UK) 21st August 

Paris is Burning 23rd August 

Foxfire (On Netflix UK) 30th August  

We Need to Talk About Kevin (On Netflix UK) 6th September 

The Rage: Carrie 2 13th September 

Ghost in the Machine 20th September 

Persepolis (on Amazon UK)  27th September 

Pet Sematary II 4th October

Jennifer’s Body 13th October

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (On Amazon Prime UK) 18th October 

American Psycho 27th October

An Education1st November (on Netflix UK) 

Beau Travail 8th November 

Selma 15th November 

Marie Antoinette 22nd November 

Black Fish (On Netflix UK) 29th November

Blue Steel 6th December 

Single White Female 13th December

Girlhood (on Amazon Prime UK) 22nd December 

Pariah 27th December 

Aeon Flux 3rd January 

Slums of Beverly Hills 10th January 

Strange Days 17th January

Thirteen 24th January 

D.E.B.S 31st January 

Bad Girls Go to Hell 7th February

Obvious Child (on Netflix UK) 14th February

Whale Rider 21st February 

Boys Don't Cry 28th February

The Night Porter 7th March 

Valley Girl 14th March 

Desperately Seeking Susan (on Netflix UK) 21st March 

Just One of the Guys 28th March 

Slumber Party Massacre II 4th April

Near Dark 11th April 

Charlotte is one half of Bimbo Movie Bash, runs Black Heart Creatives, enjoys gory horror films, shouting, smoking fags, and laying down

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