Thursday, 13 October 2016

Shudder Hits the UK!

Ever since like, you stopped being able to get US Netflix I have been boring literally everyone about how genre specific streaming sites are the way forward, how I hate paying for TV I never watch and I I would happily pay for a streaming service that concentrates on one thing, and knows their shit on top of it. Shudder has always been this tantalizing fruit that you could never reach, but hold on a second because Shudder have launched in the UK and it's basically all my dreams come true. I signed up as soon as I heard and I got invited to subscribe to the Beta version last week and baby, it's been wild. I thought you might wanna know some INS AND OUTS, especially as Halloween is fast approaching!
The Theatre Bizarre

Shudder is a horror-specific streaming site, cultivated by horror fans, for horror fans. The website looks really, really great. You can A) browse EVERYTHING at once (which is a huge issue I have always had with Netflix), or you can choose from some quirky categories to find films that all share a special something (demonic possession for example). For a fiver a month you cannot really go wrong, or you can drop £50 and get Shudder for a year, which is basically what I would normally spend on DVDs in like, four months? So it pays for itself really.

Blood Rage

There's a good selection of films for any horror fan, from Italian horror to 80s gore and more recent stuff like REC 2 and Contamination. I was most stoked on how many Arrow releases are featured, with Slugs being the stand out for me. It's the nice touches like having the Arrow posters that make it feel like someone really knows what they're doing. LEAVE ME IN YOUR CAPABLE HANDS, DADDY.

Tokyo Gore Police

There's a good balance of indie horror and classic horror, I can see Shudder being a nice platform for first time directors to showcase their stuff. There is a rating system (five skulls hehe) and a chance to review what you have watched, plus the addition of a watchlist to save all the films you wanna see. It's just the little things that help something be so easy to use, you know? 

There's also a really cool feature, from what I can tell you just tune in to a random film and it runs constantly through the day, if you're anything like me and you aimlessly flick through films for the length of time you could have actually watched a film, it's a god send. Plus!! Maybe you will watch something you never thought you would watch before.

I'm really enjoying Shudder in case you couldn't tell, it's totally worth the money even in Beta and I can see it being a MUST HAVE for Horror fans. I can see it growing and growing, with it's inclusion at Fright Fest this year the hype has been solid, and for good reason! Check them out and try and the free trial, WHAT HAVE YA GOT TO LOSE?

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