Thursday, 1 December 2016

Silent Night Deadly Night

You would think that after our horror-heavy Halloween month we would be coming back with something a little more festive? WRONG. It's not Christmas with my favourite horror spin off movies, CHRISTMAS THEMED HORROR MOVIES. Of course you need to watch Silent Night Deadly Night at Christmas, but get this, I'm not a huge fan of SNDN. In fact, I was very BLAH over it until I watched the sequels and got extremely invested in this weird little franchise. I'll be reviewing each of them throughout December, along with some Christmas feel good films and maybe BONE ALONE if you're lucky.

I never enjoyed this film because it's SO mean-spirited. I know that's a weird thing to say about like, a horror film, but there are horror films that make you feel warm n fuzzy and then there are ones that just make you feel dirty as heck. Like, no one in SNDN deserves to be murdered, and yet they go out in a totally brutal fashion.

The set up is horrific, with rape and blood and scary old grandpas. It's got that Catholic guilt vibe that actually works really well, with a truly awful nun that'll put the Christmas heebie jeebies up you. I just don't think there's a lot to enjoy here, the soundtrack isn't great, the acting isn't terrible but it's not good either, it doesn't look nice (it was really hard to get pleasing screenshots that weren't of THAT scene) and it doesn't really feel, well, Christmassy enough. It feels very 70s to me, which if you know me is not a complement.

It's totally worth a watch if you want to rinse the franchise, despite how mean it is it's still pretty tongue in cheek which totally sets up the rest of the films for you. This is one franchise you simply cannot miss at Christmas time, grab your bae or your dog and watch 'em all on Christmas Eve if you're brave enough (seriously, 2 stinks)!

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