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Last Chance Neflix #1

Here is a new series of posts by me, Charlotte, called What's on Netflix. When you and your partner are arguing about what to watch, flicking through the menu saying nah, not that one, not in the mood, we watched that the other day, oh fuck sake we are back to the beginning again, and your chinese is going cold and you could really do without another row, sit back and let us pick for you. Just to let you know every single time I mention Netflix moving forward I am referring to Netflix UK. Those baddies won't let us hop around regions anymore, what a bummer.

This Friday night (31st March) these are some of the best horror films that will be removed from Netflix, potentially forever.

Jonestown: Paradise Lost 

This is a docu-drama about Jonestown mass cult suicide, yeah the don't drink the koolaid people. If you haven't seen a docudrama before it is where the subject of the documentary is dramatised, to make it more exciting and like a movie. Sometimes this makes the credibility of the documentary a bit laughable like a made for TV movie, and sometimes like in this instance it makes it pretty gripping stuff.

This is a pretty harrowing documentary. There are talking heads of people who were actually in the cult,  also journalists and family members who were there the day of the mass suicide and most importantly cult leader Jim Jones son, Stephen Jones. He is incredibly compelling and kind of makes this entire piece worth watching. There is some real footage used at the end which was previously dramatised which was very upsetting but effective.

Eli Roth produced a modern day retelling of Jonestown with 'The Sacrament' which was on Netflix till very recently where some literal Vice journos went to the compound to do their gonzo thing, then the last days were played out. It was a great film and worth a watch after this documentary.

If documentaries are your thing, or you liked making a murderer or you like all those crime podcasts that everyone keeps telling me to listen to, then you should catch this before it goes. Watch it here

The Woman

Possibly the best rape revenge film I have ever seen? I watched this film ages ago and got bored in the first ten minutes as I stupidly thought I had predicted what was gonna happen. I was wrong. I often get bored ten minutes in because I have seen so many horror films and it takes a lot to surprise me, but I gave it another go and oh boy was I wrong.

Directed by the man who bought us May and All Cheerleaders Must Die, you should expect visceral in your face blood and guts and dirt, but also very smart clever shots an incredible soundtrack and even a weird little animation that was great stand alone.

This is actually a sequel to 'The Offspring' which I am yet to see, but after the ending to the Woman I would love to see a third to make this a trilogy. If you haven't seen May or All Cheerleaders Must die I would catch those as well, but you can watch The Woman before Friday on Netflix here.

Body Parts 

A Yuza/Gordon special it aint, this Lovecraftian style body horror is still worth a watch for the special effects alone. Starting with a car crash that honestly left me shook, it does slow down a bit but I just cracked on trying to steal those awesome effect moments.

The acting is really great and your man Brad Dourif is doing some stellar acting with what he has been given. If a very early 90s take on Frankenstein B movie is your thing with frankly awesome special effects then give this a bosh here.

If those don't take your fancy you can see the rest of whats leaving (and coming) to Netflix on New On Netflix 

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