Friday, 11 August 2017

August Trailer Round-Up

I just went on a trailer binge watch and I got so excited for so many films I thought I would write down my initial thoughts here and come back once I've seen then to see if my gut feelings were correct!

What's your favourite Texas Chainsaw sequel? Mine is Next Generation obviously, but each individual films brings something new to the franchise which is why it's (mainly) a solid body of work. There is something about corn fields and dusty dirt roads and abandoned barns that is so sinister, it instantly conjures up an imagine of Leatherface swinging his chainsaw around in the first glimpse of sunlight. Leatherface is a prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and I have got to be honest, I love a prequel. This trailer has weird bunny suits, lobotomy, Lili Taylor and Stephen Dorff so I am absolutely on board, it looks like a well thought out if generically crafted horror movie, and we've never really seen baby Leatherface before so I can wait TO BE HONEST.

I think Black Swan is one of the best modern horror films and I'm excited to see Darren going down what looks like some sort of devil cult thing? Extremely Rosemary's Baby vibes. I know we cancelled Jennifer Lawrence a long time ago but I guess no film is perfect and also (Dale Cooper voice) hellooOOOOoooo Javier Bardem! Even if this film turns out bad, which is I am highly doubtful of, at least we've always got that amazing poster. 

Sorry for being so late to the party with It but the more I see the more it just looks perfect. We all love Tim Curry as Pennywise but let's face it, the It mini series was an absolute mess, like I seriously doubt any film has ever looked so dated as that one does.
nice ponytail dickhead
So the reboot is extremely welcome. Plus, if someone has managed to make head or tails out of what feels like the longest book ever then kudos to them. Not only is the source material tricky, but we've all seen It before, so making it scary is another hurdle. There are bits int he trailer that are very bog standard horror, but I really like the low-fi atmosphere and the 90s era setting. Kids fighting monsters are always a winner with me too.

Were you even really alive last year if you didn't get absolutely suckered into Stranger Things? Did it really need a sequel? Stranger Things could have been a legendary stand alone piece of media, like American Football's self titled album, but the open ended finale meant this was always coming back. The trailer is stunning, probably my favourite of the year, with Thriller over the top of it. I'm verrrry interested to see where they take this next, but I just want poor little Will to catch a break, you know?

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