Saturday, 23 September 2017

October Cinema Releases

Obviously as a horror fan October is the best month for me at the cinema, with It already out and Annabelle Creation gone from the local, what's left to enjoy on actual Halloween month? OH BOY QUITE A LOT. Here's a rundown of what I'm looking forward to (and praying all this actually comes to Cineworld in Gloucester)!


Apparently Hellraiser is coming back for a rerelease at some cinemas somewhere but that's all I know for now. Obviously watching Hellraiser on the big screen would be an absolute dream come true even though if the film is absolutely made for watching on a telly/vhs combo at the bottom of your bed on Halloween night.

The Ritual

Okay, yes, it is basically Blair Witch with the cast of a cancelled British sitcom but my god The Ritual looks fucking nuts and super creepy. There is something very threatening about deep dark forests and chuck in a bunch of satanism and sacrifices and I am so here for it. Also its being released on FRIDAY THE 13TH OH NO. What could possibly go wrong?


As the biggest selling horror movie OF ALL TIME I have no doubt It will be in cinemas all of October and if you haven't seen it yet get it BOOKED. If you watched it and didn't like it I have no idea why you're ready this blog anyway. If you want a film with genuine silly Halloween vibes that you longed for as a kid then this is what you want to be watching.

The Snowman

Michael Fassbender stars in this homage to Nordic thrillers or, more importantly, those 00s thrillers like Kiss the Girls or Red Dragon where you have an impossible boogeyman serial killer but guys, THIS IS A SERIOUS INVESTIGATION OKAY, despite the killer somehow possessing a supernatural ability to not be caught. This looks absolutely gorgeous because it's covered in snow. A perfect film to transition from Halloween to Christmas.

Happy Death Day

I'M SORRY BUT WAS THIS FILM ACTUALLY MADE FOR ME? This has all my favourite things in it plus it has TOTAL Raimi vibes in my humble opinion and the trailer is super good. It looks so schlocky, I can really see this one taking off and I'm so glad Blumhouse have got out of their rut and are investing in some original stories, this is the kind of thing that makes me fall in love with horror movies again.


I am absolutely obsessed with the Jigsaw trailer because it has Roy Orbison in the trailer and genuinely it's just such a good trailer? It looks like a Saw film that hasn't taken itself so fucking seriously and how can it with that little puppet riding around? I am so here for this and I have never been on the Saw train. I think we're due another Saw film but you won't see me rewatching the other seven in prep. 

Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue is being rereleased for it's 20th anniversary! It's definitely coming to cineworld cinemas but obviously Gloucester doesn't have a chance in hell of ever getting it. That said, if you want to see the film Aronofsky ripped Black Swan off of then this is your chance. Satoshi Kon's Perfect Blue is still the masterpiece, groundbreaking genre-spanning horror masterpiece it was back in 1997 so GET IT WATCHED.

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