BMB welcomes submissions from anyone identifying as a woman or who identifies as non binary writers! Heck, even if you're not a writer but you're passionate about anything to do with film or the film industry, we want to hear from you!

Want to write a love letter to your favourite movie star? Got a top ten list you think would make us laugh? Need to get a serious issue off your chest? We will consider it all. 

You can submit your article to along with your name, a picture (if you feel comfortable) and links where people can find you!

The Boring Bit

- Although we currently can't pay you cash monies for any contributions this is something we will be setting up in the future! We will however try and compensate you in some small way until then. 
- We have the right to reject anything that doesn't vibe with us.
- If we don't publish your piece that doesn't mean you can't submit to us again with a different idea!
- We will try and let you know within the week if we will be publishing your piece, but please be patient because we both work full time and are also prone to extreme procrastination.
- Your piece may not be published straight away, if you want to submit it somewhere else please let us know.